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About me

Tattooing is an act of Love...
photo Jackie Brown
Silvia P

I'm an Iternational Tattoo Artist. I've been working as a tattoo artist for twenty-six years. In the last five years, my artistic skills have evolved to span from skin to canvas and ceramics. My identity is transitioning- my life experience is a continuous multi-sensory journey in which everything takes shape through the connection with others. My adventure begins in the tattoo world with an incredible passion for art and a natural predisposition to beautiful aesthetics and colours, though with no specific academic qualifications, just my instinctive talents.

Confident in my abilities, I began working on an indelible surface immediately. And that is how my wonderful relationship with TA-TOUA started.


Pure love, pure energy and a strong determination to succeed have been my driving forces: the public has started to follow me, to understand and to love my art. In time, their precious contributions have redefined and refined my style and approach.

" TA-TOUA means paint the spirit and this will  

  always be  my mission"

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