About me

Tattooing is an act of Love...
Silvia P


paint your spirit.


I'm an Iternational Tattoo Artist. I've been working as a tattoo artist for twenty-six years but, in the last five years, my art skills evolved from human bodies to canvas and ceramic. My identity is the transition. What I have been experienced took me in a multi-sensory journey where everything take shape through the connection with others. My adventure begins from the tattoo world, with no accademic qualification. My approach has been straight on an indelible surface... the skin. Ta-toua, passion and determination have always been my guidelines and people start to follow me and believe in my art refining what my style is.

Journeys, seminars and the continuous discovery of myself and the beautiful people I am dealing with trough my art are my current strength. They are supporting me tailoring the real meaning of our emotions not only on the skin...

My new life path is to combine my artistic abilities with my body languages skills through my art all over the body, working out a life story...

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