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  • How can I book my Tattoo?
    For first send an email at entering your name ( strange because you often forget it! ) details on your idea, all the photographs you found referenced and some written explanation. My travel plans with guest spots and booking schedules are always made available via her social media accounts. To keep updated just follow me on Facebook @princesstattoosilvia and Instagram @silviaprincessart or check out the Calendar on this website (VIEW CALENDAR).
  • Would I have the option to make changes or cover an existing tattoo?
    My absolute favorite is being able to turn an old tatttoo and give it a chance to be reborn into something of new ( if there's a chance ) or involve him in a new project Talking about covers, I try to do the wisest choise. Often, a simple brushstroke of black is not the solution!
  • Is there a chance to make gift cards?
    Yes, you can donate money to use as a discount for the tattoo to be given away
  • Are you often to travel? do you get tattoo in your city only?
    I consider traveling an important part of my job so I usually traver to Germany, London Canada and I preserve a space for a new experience during the year. ( see the page VIEW CALENDAR )
  • Does Silvia personally design her project?
    Absolutely yes making freehand sketches directly on skin. It's very important, to find right proportions and good combinations on your body...
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