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Family, frienship, our ideals. What we love of our life impressed on the Skin...

Human beings have always expressed themselves through the body. Nowadays, having colors and shapes on the skin has become a necessity. People strongly desire to describe their mood, talking about themselfe and feeling better through the tattoo...

“If you've seen an image that you really like, it's the first thing to start with. Why did it hit you? ”

For many people is strange approaching the tattoo world because it has been part of some social castes since ancient times. My goal is conveing how people feel when they meet their own expression through the tattoo

“...How the tattoo can change the inner world...”

Family, job, routine and lives can condition and put us in front of choices that sometimes go beyond our way of thinking.

Get Inspired

The key question is: "Why do human beings use their skin to express themselves?"

They have always explicit themselves through the body and the mind to externalize a depth. Something that must be understood, by ourselves and others...

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