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Meet the artist: Silvia Princess



About my philosophy

Thinking about what influences and stimulates my Artistic Style requires to talk about these two aspects: “ my love for people and my unconditional passion for Art “.

I didn’t study Art in my academic journey so, my first approach is to talk to people first instead of drawing and showing my work on paper.

I have always been willing to achieve something big, ambitious to be able to express myself through my feelings, my sensation, my imagination and my art.

“When I get caught by an image, a photography I start to visualise it on a body, on a specific part of the body. It’s by that moment that my instinct says... It will be perfect!!!
“Susy asked me to cover a tattoo that was connected to a person who made her suffer a lot. This is why I decided to transform it...”

I have always found absolutely wonderful how people get excited by the hidden details through the body language. This helps me to create that specific piece of art. It does inspire me to deep down into an artistic and personal research of our unique and indelible experience together. Silvia P

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1 comentário

Silvia Pelle
Silvia Pelle
29 de abr. de 2020

Brava Silvia! Ci sei anima e corpo. Un abbraccio grande.

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